Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Startup Accelerator

ACT Lab (Advanced Cognitive Technology Laboratory) is a startup accelerator focused on robotics and artificial intelligence in China. ACT Lab is dedicated to incubating and accelerating early-stage robotics startups across the globe, providing teams with exclusive resources and support in product/market fit, key technology, supply chain management, sales channel, marketing, and seed fund.

Prime Location

ACT Lab is located in the core area of Shenzhen Science and Technology Park, equipped with premium working space and state-of-the-art hardware and software development tools. ACT Lab has a liaison team in the U.S. to facilitate communication of latest information and resources.

Acceleration Program

The acceleration program lasts 5 months, twice a year, with 15 teams per batch. ACT Lab offers teams with seed fund, one-on-one mentorship, technical and business courses and seminars, and hardware and software resources.

Customized Courses

The stellar mentor team, consisting of leading figures across industry, academia and investment, closely follows team’s progress and provides customized mentoring.

Premium Resources

ACT Lab has established strategic collaborations with manufacturers, scholars, entrepreneurs, and investors across the globe, providing teams with exclusive access to valuable resources. The collaborators cover robotic parts, miniature component manufacturing, software system, chip development, and more.

Investor Relationship

ACT Lab holds Demo Day to help startup teams get connected with top-tier investors and secure next-round funding.

Prospective Future

ACT Lab looks forward to collaborating with leading universities, research labs, accelerators, and corporations to foster a booming ecosystem for entrepreneurship in robotics and artificial intelligence.


ACT Lab has a stellar mentor team with deep expertise to make sure startup teams receive professional training and guidance.


ACT Lab has established strategic collaborations with manufacturers, scholars, entrepreneurs and investors across the globe, providing teams with exclusive access to scarce resources. The company covers the areas of robotic component manufacturing, software system and chip development and other relevant fields.

Operation Team

The members of the operation team are full of experience in management, engineering, analyzing, and variety fields of talents across borders.


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6 Yue Xing San Road, Nanjing University Chan Xue Yan Ji Di, Building A, 5th Floor, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

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