Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Startup Accelerator

ACT Lab is a Robotics and Aritificial Intelligence(AI) innovation center dedicated to identify the disruptive innovation in the field of robotics, AI, core components, automation and advanced manufacturing. We provide hardware founders with an array of support for business acceleration include venture fund, technical support, mentorship, match making, partner ecosystem, co-working and lab space and many more. Located in the heart of Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park where is named as "Supply chain advice Silicon Valley for hardware makers." ACT Lab is the best place for global hardware startups to bring innovation to life.

Venture Fund

We provide early stage seed & A rounds capital fund to promising startups.

Supply Chain Advice

We guide startups everything they need to get started manufacturing in China

Technical Support

We have a close knit network of local supply chain for product development acceleration.


We provide startups with high quality connections to domain expert mentor in the local ecosystem.

Match Making

We help startups to locate the right manufactures and suppliers, value chains, a hard-to-reach consumer base, and most importantly save them amount of time wasted in trying to connect with ``the right people``.

Innovation Centre

Located in the heart of Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park. We offer co-working & lab space for like minded hardware startups to share ideas and receive all kinds of help as they pursue the path of entrepreneurship.


ACT Lab has a stellar mentor team with deep expertise to make sure startup teams receive professional training and guidance.


ACT Lab has established strategic collaborations with manufacturers, scholars, entrepreneurs and investors across the globe, providing teams with exclusive access to scarce resources. The company covers the areas of robotic component manufacturing, software system and chip development and other relevant fields.


Please fill the following information, and upload your business proposals (in the PDF format). Your contact details will not be shared with the third party.

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6 Yue Xing San Road, Nanjing University Chan Xue Yan Ji Di, Building A, 5th Floor, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

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0755 6180 2585